Transformer / Packer  

Our installations allow the filling and the labelling of various types of containers and formats;
bottle of glass of 250ml while passing by the containers of plastic to the barrels 45 gallons to the reserve of 1000 liters. In any time, the temperature of setting in containers is of 85ºC or more for one perfect conservation of maple syrup for 2 years before opening.
We also offer on request all the documents of retractability being attached to each batch packed for you.
For us, maintains it standards of quality of our label, it is a priority.

  All tastes are in the colours  
  Light : Produced at the beginning of season, it has a more delicate maple savour  
  Medium : Of beginning at semi-season It is sweetened more and its maple savour more marked it is a master key everywhere  
  Amber : Later in season it tastes the gasoline even maple, Idéal for the confectioneries or the receipts  


Dark : Generally at the end of the season one finds there the taste of the soil of or it comes It is an ingredient of choice  


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