Charter of production of maple syrup

* The production of maple syrup is seasonal, once the year, of mid-March in mid-April

* Type of tree with sugar: maple with sugar
Stage of production




1.   Notches trees: to bore the tree with a wick 5/16 with a depth of 1 ½ inch



2.  Gathering of the sap: a vacuum pipe, connects between them maples bored for the transport of water to the tank of collection of maple sap



3.   Concentration of the sugar of the sap: One separates maple sap to increase the sugar concentration and to withdraw water (perméat)



4.  Evaporation: One mud water to reach a concentration of 66º brix degree


5.  Filtration: The maple syrup is filtered in the presses to remove all foreign matters 


6.  Setting out of barrel: The filtered maple syrup is stored in stainless steel barrels or galvanized


7.  Sale: The producers sell their maple syrup to the purchasers authorized by the Federation of the Acéricole Producers of Quebec


  8.   Classification: Agroalimentary CINTECH Classifies the barrels according to their ranks, brix, taste, pH and Iodine


9.  Selection of maple syrup for an order: Various syrup ranks are selected to obtain the color required once mixed


 10. Pasteurization: The mixture is heated using a Marie bath to obtain a temperature of 185º F necessary to the elimination of all the contaminants


 11. Filtration: Once the temperature reached, the syrup leaves the breakdown of the Marie bath and runs in the siroptier to be mix with the powder to filter for then being filtered using presses


  12. Setting while containing for export: On the outlet side of the press the syrup is directly conveyed in the container in which it will be exported



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